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About Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering established in the year 2013 has its core strength in the area of Electronics as well as Communication technology. The cutting edge research areas include Communication Technology, Wireless Communication, Signal Processing, Sensor networks, Optical Communication, Image Processing and VLSI design. The department is supported by the center of excellence under “Himachal Pradesh Technical University (HPTU)” sponsored by “Texas Instruments India University Program(TIIUP)”. The academic programs have an optimum minimum of Electronics, Communication, Electrical and Computer Engineering and adherence to strict quality norms in teaching and evaluation has always been the strength of the department. Students are enabled to be socially conscience and technologically skilled so as to contribute towards socially relevant technical problems of contemporary India. Our students work shouldered to shoulder with faculty, tackle global challenges, pursue fundamental questions and translate ideas into action.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.


Contact Us

Dr. (prof.) P. P. Sharma

Head of the Department
e-mail: ppsharma65@yahoo.com
Phone: 9418019455, 7018578103